Nandi Flipzz

Coming to land as a continuous moreish sound each time. Today they drop a double whammy with the songs “Shikamoa” and “Henney Bottle”. 

Varied. Surprising. In the open air. And with a lot of Swissness. Up in the Alps, the Swiss army knife has just become the second most important tool of the mountains.

It’s no secret the rather illusively silk-masked rapper has been making good impressions on our little rock. His link-up with stalwart Verbz earlier this year does more than confirm that.

The wasps have drowned and been observed. Onto the next offering from Scottish emcee and producer Tzusan; psychedelic rap but dripping in concrete grittiness, he pulls in fellow Scot and spitter Shogun for the first in a series of projects from the pair ‘Lead Wetsuit Schematics’. 

Group BraCil are back putting new artists into ears and onto vinyl after a small but necessary break; Ghrelin is the latest to be added to their roster, with his soulful single ‘T-Shirt 5am’.

A few people are doing exciting things on the ground in Birmingham – such as Ninioh who is a close friend and collaborator. Overall, as a musical hub, it doesn’t compare to London which presents opportunities of all kinds at any given moment.

In a collaboration for the ages, Sheffield emcee Immi Larusso has linked up with Australian Nelson Dialect and American Dango Forlaine for ‘Swear Down’, one of the lengthier helpings of lo-fi introspection.