Songer makes a classic his own

By Dylan Robinson

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A rise as meteoric as they come, but with a grounding that holds him apart from many in the scene, Reading’s Songer has industry heads and fans alike begging, no, absolutely requiring his next drop.

So here it is: taken from his iconic 2021 BL@CKBOX Session, which to date is still the most viewed on the channel, Songer’s final act of the year is to bless his fans new and old with ‘Toxic’, a freestyle over Britney Spears’ classic dance-floor-filler. It will drop via UK label Relentless Records, part of Sony Music.

Coming off the back of his more positively tuned ‘SKALA’ album, a nod to his recent canine acquisition, Songer has pacified those who have been calling for the single release like a dodgy politician’s head on a spike. Prior to this, his relatability and success had come from an unerring ability to voice his opinion on themes often overlooked by underground, trendy rappers.

“An enigmatic character committed to rapping eloquently about issues ranging from his experiences of anxiety and depression, his relationship struggles, and the importance of advocating for anti-racism”- NME

As for any genre confinement that has been laughed off or bullied, just check ‘Vino Bandit’ produced by DnB newcomer K Motionz- a two-step treasure that proves there really is no soundscape Songer can’t tame as his own.

As alluded to in ‘SKALA’, it hasn’t been the same since the release of ‘Dream Workz’ in 2019. The verses once penned in his parent’s house are now selling out shows in Australia and New Zealand… but maybe only people’s expectations have changed; he’s still Songer, and he still makes bangers.

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