What’s burning? #2

By Dylan Robinson

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Well would you look at that, we have another fire episode of music that should be coursing through your invisible headphone wire like iron through your bloodstream… if you’re unaware of your deficiencies, don’t worry we got you.

“It’s 3 the paradox, walking like Sir Lancelot” is one hell of a way to start your first EP in quite a number of years, but that’s just how the illusive, aloof 3vs does it. One of them rappers who likes to keep his identity under wraps, 3 to you and I, has become a sort of staple in the UK’s alternative rap scene with his flurry of artsy singles across the last five or so years. ‘Ramblings Of A Madman EP’ marks his most coherent piece to date and his distaste towards a hell of a lot of things, maybe that’s what makes him so relatable for a young person like myself.

Luton’s finest and one on the rise, BXKS has been tearing up the underground scene enough to feature on some esteemed press not just for her music, but her involvement in a range of projects. This track really flexes all that she is about; the jumpy flow and punchy delivery almost make the beat dwindle into the distance like a dimming light on the coast, her bars taking the form of waves in this analogy. Honestly do yourself a solid and stick her discography on, start with ‘Full Time Daydreamer’ and see the evolution of this DIY queen.

Pretty convinced that there’s more to life than our deaded society lets on, okay maybe bias snuck in there, jesi keeps it low-caps and doesn’t cap on the beat like ever. This EP is the chow mein you forgot you had in your fridge, it’s been marinating and is ready to get scranned in like 13 minutes flat… yeah this EP is short but sweet. I’ll be honest ‘consigliére’ was going to be the cover star, but for the sake of a metaphor I’m taking this chinese out the fridge and letting it burn on the hob, like ruin your Le Creuset forever kind of burn.

This is some kerosene to make the tiny stove-pot bubble away like an overdosing kids’ mouth might… I wouldn’t know. Someone who might know some similar sounding stories is Smuj, another emcee who keeps his identity hidden so he can indulge freely in cheap thrills and alike. Only his second ever multi-platform release, ‘Cheap Thrills’ carries on from ‘Pain in the Neck’, another equally flammable liquid, which label-heads Dirty Dike and Pete Cannon are keen to splash about from their Melonskin jerrycan. We are seeing a flame catch, newspaper and kindling aside, all the components for a proper roarer are here.

A not-so-new newcomer to round off this little fire sesh; Mylo Stone is one of them heads who’s been in and out for over a decade and has earned his stripes in that time. ‘Piratolgy’ is my pick of the bunch from his very recent ‘Pirate King’ project, which is an absolutely stacked affair, and sees fellow dab-rap-hands Jack Jetson and Bil Next deliver some heavy, heavy verses which play courteously with Stone’s more laid back approach. They’ve got the campfire blazing, the rums being chucked around and anyone who isn’t feeling it is getting led down the plank- the Pirate King has arrived and is bringing the heat to dry land. Peek our recent chat here.