A free movement for artistic expression

By Dylan Robinson

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East London rapper and producer Nick Blackos kicks off a busy year with his latest single ‘Deftones’ dropped via his onlynewvision channel, a free movement for artistic expression. Combining multiple genres influences across his three-album discography; Nick puts as much time into producing as he does writing, resulting in a succinct, easily identifiable sound that he puts out on his co-established onlynewvision movement.

“We experiment, do whatever. I’m not even sure where it comes from a lot of the time, but somehow I execute, and it feels right.”

Assembled in his majestic palatial studio, ‘Deftones’ sees an absence of drums, instead using a guitar riff as the percussion. The sparsity of the beat focuses on the vocals where prophecies of surviving or adapting to tough times seem to be the take-home message.

onlynewvision (onv) is a London-based independent movement set up in 2017 focused on showcasing artists who don’t conform to a normalised formula, bringing them together to champion experimentation in all aspects of artistic expression. This can vary from music to activist speaking, covering societal issues in the geopolitical landscape- it is technically not a label but a free movement that anyone can join.

Previous collaborations with Harvey Whyte through onlynewvision last year have spread the sound across various audiences. With 2024 looking to be an even busier year than last, you can expect plenty more in the way of non-defining genre goodness.

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