Deranged, damaged, et cetera

By Dylan Robinson

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Kemastry’s output this year is looking good for his loyal fans. Holding a somewhat drug-stained, numerously-cracked mirror up to himself, Kema (to you and I) is unapologetically transparent on his latest single ‘Excetera’, produced by the one and only Dirty Dike.

This carries on from a similarly honest, but perhaps more tongue-in-cheek EP ‘A Delusional Guide for the Disillusioned’. That short but sweet project saw another legendary beat-maker pushing buttons for Kema to bleed down a microphone to; this is rap music for the introspective, those who see an alternative to the ‘system’, but also those who understand the grim humour of it all.

You can also catch some adequately dark, deranged visuals, akin to our protagonist’s state of mind, directed by Honey JD for LOUDHOUSE. A match made in DIY heaven put together by some of the best out there- props for the props goes to Fahmi.wav and Jamie Lygate.

If burning the system down is something that also appeals to you…and as I write this I am listening to the UK’s new budget, so why wouldn’t it, then you will definitely enjoy mine and Kemastry’s chat. We have a teasing nod to his upcoming project ‘Directors Notes Say Smile, Eyes Say Different’, which if the last bouts of output are anything to go by, will be a cinematic spectacle…or a soundtrack to, at the very least.

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