What’s burning?

By Dylan Robinson

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What is that smell? Just something burning in the background. This is what I’ve been playing recently; maybe this will become a regular thing, maybe not; either way, here is a mix of current music you should definitely be aware of because it’s fucking fire.

First up we’ve got Sly Moon and ‘Back Door Key’ taken from his recent album ‘No Gamble, No Future’ an absolute banger of an album and this track is just a glimpse behind the door of some high stakes shit. Those who know Sly know his other hustles shared through the mic, but this really feels like you are living the experiences with him. Could’ve been any of the tracks, to be honest, but make sure you enjoy the project in chronological order.

Next up has to be Roc Marciano’s ‘Goyard God’ taken from ‘Marciology’ which dropped just over a few weeks ago now. Another ridiculous project from Roc Marciano and this track for me stood out on first listening, but again get a taste with this and stick the album on start to finish. Some pretty funky production too, kind of shares the attention with the vocals 50/50- Marci can slide across any rhythm with pimp-ish ease.

Seeing as I’ve been repping North Face on the hills pretty exclusively of late, I felt Caneva and Mazey June’s link-up on ‘Northface’ should get a shout. This is off Caneva’s ‘Coco.’ album, which is another reason why this features; there is more fire where this comes from. Mazey’s vocals are soft and touching, meanwhile Caneva’s leading horses to water, which is what you’ll need to put out the flames from this track—go check it out, Playboy.

This one is a different sort of heater. Finn Foxell and his Shepherd’s Bush crew have done their fair share of rap tunes, which is maybe why the new material is igniting in a slightly different manner. ‘Alive’ carries on the recent fusion of indie-rock into Finn’s raps, with more focus on vocals and instrumentation, courtesy of Dom Valentino on this track. It’s a path being walked more commonly now and one made from hot stones, just to ensure your feet stay moving.

Skott 3ree has put on a ‘Paradise Shirt’ (yeah, it’s the name of the single, too) and met back up with friend and producer twenty-six for a faster-paced stand-alone single, and a hot one at that. Taking inspiration from gaming makes your music relatable to many, and although I haven’t been doing any of that lately, I can take myself back to the streets of Los Santos with this little number. Skott 3ree is someone you should be taking note of; he’s a serial arsonist, and has been lighting shit up with a range of producers, and there is so much more to come. Check my chat with him here.

Yeah I think five might be enough. I have another five in mind to come out at another point. 2024 is looking fucking good; global warming is affecting the rap scene, too… ah jeez.

Cover photo: Sly Moon