As a person with ADHD, my mind is constantly racing with inventive ideas

By Beverley Knight

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Paris-based DDSA never switches off. Finding new games to play was never an issue for him when he was young, and in his teenage years, it was a breeze to pass the time alone or with pals. To this day, DDSA, Dany Dehni, takes advantage of his vivid imagination. As a person with ADHD, his mind is constantly racing with inventive ideas. “I put it to use in writing music and filmmaking. Even when I go to sleep, my mind constantly brings up new ideas.” Not surprisingly, he finds it hard to hit the hay early and welcomes inspiration in the dead of night when alone.

Even with all those juices flowing, he doesn’t favour one art form over another. DDSA works in film at the moment, which he holds dear. He does a spot of acting, directing, and photography. It’s compelling, but in reality, music is his main inspiration. “When I have the time, I’m always writing lyrics. I still love writing as much as I did in the beginning.”

Focussing intensely on your day job, even more so when it’s creative, can affect how much energy you give to your other interests. Finding spare time to write is tricky for DDSA. “In the film industry, you’ve hardly any time for yourself. Usually, we work six or seven twelve-hour days.” It’s understandably tiring. “I’m irritated sometimes as I have so much to say and so many new melodies I want to do.”

French rap sits at the core of his music, underscored by dense basslines. He describes his sound as provocative and inspiring. “Mostly, I talk about the inequalities I’ve witnessed or heard in the news.” Everyone has got to start somewhere. DDSA was 16 years old when he first wrote music. “I remember how poor it was. But I don’t regret it as it made me who I am today.”

He appreciates he’s been on the receiving end of good fortune. “I am proud of everything I’ve done in music and the film industry. I get lots of opportunities to make art.” This is what he’s most grateful for.

Whatever comes his way, DDSA will always make films and music. “I sincerely love both.”

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