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North London microbrewery Brewheadz is working with Public Pressure to create a DIY space where bands and artists can produce their first small run of cassette tapes: Tapeheadz

It goes without saying that being a DIY artist in the current economy is an uphill struggle. The digital age of the internet has greatly widened our channels of communication, but they tend to be shallow and unprofitable. Now more than ever, we need to rebuild meaningful connections and networks in the subculture. Tapeheadz — the collaboration between Tottenham-based microbrewery Brewheadz and Public Pressure — is a live experiment to inject new energy into the subculture economy.


The Brewheadz team


Located inside the brewery’s very own walls, Tapeheadz will be an open lab where underground bands can produce and duplicate small runs of cassette tapes at zero cost on a monthly basis. In a world of streaming where physical production seems increasingly difficult for young artists, this collaboration opens the gates to a whole range of new possibilities. Equally, it is a unique opportunity for Brewheadz to expand their brand into new markets. Each tape will feature Tapeheadz logo and URL, making clear their association with the artists they support. These associations could expand even further than just the musicians themselves. Music venues, for example, could participate in the Tapeheadz adventure by creating Limited Edition Live Tapes to sell or give away, reinforcing their link both to the brand and the underground scene. The possibilities are endless.

Fundamentally, Tapeheadz is creating a mutually supportive community of artists and brands. Artists are sponsored by the brand, who will, in turn, receive valuable name association. Brewheadz know and recognise the struggles of DIY artists in the present economy and want to tackle the challenges and work to find solutions with their audience. By sharing the structural challenges common to the millennial DIY generation, Brewheadz may be among the first brands to embrace a new way to work with the youth market. With the engagement of more and more brands, this could be the start of a revolution in the structural needs of the underground culture.

I am interested in the Tapeheadz programme!

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