Join a meeting of eco-conscious minds in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark

By Beverley Knight

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Electronic music unites like-minded people. It’s a universal family of DJs, beatmakers and dancers who free their bodies and minds through the power of music. R/Hood is a platform that knows the score only too well and sees the significance of these connections. For them, it’s much more than networking; they want to foster a whole movement. R/Hood’s mission is to support underrepresented talent while upholding ethical standards. A part of this ambition is expanding into other deserving communities ready to make a meaningful impact.

We all know Amsterdam loves its bikes. From fierce activism and a government that listened in the 70s, the 80s saw cycle routes become the norm. To this day, a love of cycling safely in the Netherlands holds tight. Manufacturers Tenways are helping. They make electric bikes for riders concerned about looking after our planet and well-being with their effortless commutes. Their vision is to grow their riders, affectionately known as Tenwayers. 

So, guess what came next: a collaboration between R/Hood and Tenways to push the sustainability message through celebration and a meeting of minds. On Wednesday, 27 March 2024, there’s an invite for all around midday to Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. Revellers will soak up the vibrancy of the local DJ scene and honour the needs of society without compromising the future.

More a gathering than an event, a Tenways e-bike embellished with DJ gear from Numark will journey around the luscious park. Revellers will meet hug-inducing sounds filling the open air from DJ Jade Soul – an artist popping up everywhere in Amsterdam’s night scene. With slices of soul and funk, she’ll bring disco and hip-hop to the day for everyone’s vibing needs.

Eco-conscious ravers, pop the date in your diary, fuel your love for exploring the world on two wheels and assemble for a good time.

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