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Vinny Piana Singer / Guitarist in Boy from the crowd

Current Activity:
“Where the bees come to die” EP (Vinyl – CD – Downloads)

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What’s the first song you learned to play or sing?
10-15 Saturday night, by The Cure.

If you could play in any band, who would you play for and what role would you have?
It would be either in The Bad Seeds (Nick Cave) or in The Cure. It is my youth and the 2 bands I could play in every night and never get bored. I’d just play guitar and enjoy the songs and being part of such great bands.

You’re an astronaut on your way to colonise a new planet. What three items would you bring to showcase our civilisation?
I guess you can store books, films and tons of music on a smartphone, so I’d bring one fully loaded with my favourite books, movies, pictures and music (and fully charged)
A guitar (They may not like it, but if I get stranded up there, I’d rather have a guitar with me)
It also would be nice to bring them something handmade. Like a great piece of jewellery, a painting, a sculpture. A piece of art or showcasing craftsmanship, what our most artistic and skilful people can do, the beauty we can create.

Which decade do you feel has been the most influential in terms of music and arts?
It is hard to separate the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I think this is where it all happened in terms of popular music. The birth of Rock’n’Roll and its evolution over 3 decades. I would really struggle to choose, but if I must maybe the 60’s and you get to see a lot of 50’s artists and Hendrix too.

Beatles or Stones?

What’s your worst fashion crime?
I did wear a bandana when I was 18 for about 3 month. I looked like a total dick. I had long hair too (hard to believe now..). Fuck, I’d hate crossing my younger self in the street now, with that stupid bandana and smug face. I’d so resent that guy!

What would you most love to change about yourself?
I’d love to be a better communicator. I’m way too introverted.

The house is on fire. What object do you take with you on your way out?
My favourite telecaster guitar, my passport, my latest backup hard drive.

What would you never let anyone see you do?
Not being an hypocrite I would say having a public wank is not my idea of fun. But aside from that I find it impossible to practice singing with someone around. It really is something you cannot feel self-conscious about. I totally need to be on my own and not being watched or heard.

You’re elected President of the World for a day. What do you do first?
Press the red button. See what happens..



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