Gotta Go – Check this out

By Neshy Denton

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If you haven’t noticed already, the dynamic duo never seem to rest their eyes. Moving on from their recent production with Chase Looney, they waste no time picking up the pace once again. There is this laudatory exchange which dances between Nandi Flipzz and King Ray’s two new NFT releases which come under the name of ‘Gotta Go!’.

As Flipzz brings together a fresh new bycatch of unheard tracks, he sends a new batch to King Ray to entangle within his vocal gear. Coming to land as a continuous moreish sound each time. Today they drop a double whammy with the songs “Shikamoa” and “Henney Bottle”. 

The motivation to write and create these tracks, comes from a great creative conclusion. The initial triggering to fall into this process, comes from Nandi Flipzz’ desire to create a stamp of influence on the culture. Once he embarks upon an idea he tries to enter the mindset of having this unlimited creative potential. So he can thrive towards formulating a whole new experience that represents what he perceives as an artist. 

So, here we come across a modest electro-house, playing draughts with an unmissable dubstep sound in what is, I believe, a first double feature of the two musicians. And, I can assure you, it will not be the last. 

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