You want to listen to Ham Legion

By John Clay

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Ham Legion filmed a live session with me at Brixton Hill Studios (one of many to come). ‘Georgie Porgie’ is the upcoming single featured in the video below, but first, let’s have a chat with their frontman, Nick Howiantz.



So, dude, Ham Legion, can’t work out the genre of music, and that’s part of why I like it. However, the name, where does it come from?

Nick: The name is even more of a mystery than the genre… It’s a shady secret known only to our original guitarist, Emily. She came up with it. An interviewer once asked if it was a reference to ‘I am legion’, the bit from the bible where a guy is possessed by demons.

Oooh … mystery! Almost as mysterious as the subject matter of Georgie Porgie. Please, tell us who is Georgie and what is his story?

Nick: Ooooh… I dunno how much I want to go into that coz it can kinda ruin it if you explain the words of a song too much. Errr… I’ll be vague and say that it’s about the contrast and confusion between dreams and reality. Dreams in the sense of aspirations as well as of night-time head adventures.

Oh, Nick, you playful interviewee! So, there’s a live session of the single. I know how that all came about, perhaps tell your readers/fellow musicians what’s going on at Brixton Hill Studios?

Nick: That was coz of YOU wasn’t it John??? Well readers, I’m a recording engineer and John got me involved in doing the sound for some of the ‘Margo’s Living Room’ live video sessions out of Hermitage Works Studios. We have a great studio setup and a great live room at Brixton Hill Studios where I work so we decided to get something similar going. We’re now offering the live sessions and Ham Legion have one as a pilot. It looks great. Thank you John!

Nicely done Nick. Now, when is that ‘Georgie Porgie’ single out again?

Nick: It’ll be premiered by Joyzine on 16th November and available online after that.

Great! I’ve just got a notification of your gig on the 25th Nov at the Brixton Windmill. Any surprises for that show? Please say you’ll be wearing that outfit in the video; otherwise, I’m boycotting the gig.


Go see Ham Legion live alongside, Hurtling, Bad Parents, Les Futiles and Fonda 500:
SUN 25 NOV Brixton Hill Studios Christmas Carol Concert – London
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