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“How apt it is that this release, ‘Henriquez’, was actually recorded in the place where I received the heads up; the world and, in particular Lima, works in mysterious ways.” As does Slim Papi. 

One of the best third-person rappers I can think of is kicking off a mini-series of monthly releases with extravagant single ‘Henriquez’, named and inspired by wine-maverick Roberto Henriquez whom Papi befriended whilst in the Bio Bio valley, Chile. 

Feeling at one with fine wines and classy cuisine, Slim Papi continues this theme from his previous, rather palatable ‘Châteauneuf-du-Papi’ EP from last year. This time taking a Sudaméricano approach and utilising his time spent with Henriquez, sampling him into the intro and picturing him on the album artwork. 

The production is as luxurious and smooth as a good bottle of Pinot Noir. London’s K-Nite 13 takes the plaudits for that achievement, building on an impressive repertoire of Your Old Droog, Tha God Fahim and Lee Scott, amongst others from the US & UK. 

As good at one-liners fit to title the single as he is sketching vivid imagery, Slim Papi’s methodical delivery makes sure not a word is missed, nor reference misheard- a far cry from what maybe we’re used to hearing from UK rappers, but then there really aren’t many taking the Slim Papi approach. 

Finally able to understand the meaning of sipping on Cristal, I was in fact doing just that when this dropped on Friday 17th… But not the champagne, unfortunately, just the local beer. More to come from the previously named Noonian Song soon, but for now, Slim Papi is in the room. 

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