We’re listening to the artist becoming a ghost in her own machine

By Alex Mazey

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The strength of R. Elizabeth is her 80s Casio keyboard, meeting at a junction of dreary, late-night traffic lights and breathy vocals. Songs emerge from digital depths, are sustained, collapsed onto themselves. Really, this is a soundscape borrowing from a vaporwave aesthetic of deadpan recontextualization.

‘Every And All We Voyage On’, produces the music of an overcast sky blanketing a shining city, while ‘An Image Is Different’ finds a ‘Casiotone beat’; a loading screen melody, paired with the lyrics – ‘Go outside, there’s nothing left.’ Poetic utterances are loaded with observational, intelligent consideration, producing a collection of seven songs that fit together through their shared experiences of a hauntological awareness. The absurd inconsistencies – it seems – of modern living, of mixed messages, and no messages at all.

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