The sun in my eyes

By Dylan Robinson

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“I feel like I’m a person of extremes- I can be very serious, hardworking and driven but also know how to get silly and loose, and not take myself too seriously. I wanted this tune to encapsulate that contrast a little – this album in particular tackles some deep topics, but I wanted to show I that I can also have a light-hearted side!”

Nix Northwest is tempting us into alternative ego Xin with the early release ‘Sun In My Eyes’ taken from ‘Xin’s Disappearance’ expected around mid-March. As predicted with such creative prowess, Nix has written and produced the track and the entire album himself. It carries on the adventure from his 2022 entry ‘Satan Doesn’t Swim’ and his extremely repeatable ‘Life’s a Bitch / I Just Need an Early Night’ which both introduced and cemented Nix into the scene.

Onto the present, ‘Sun In My Eyes’ is a summery produced, tongue-in-cheek track which is providing a rather suitable soundtrack for my Latino expedition. It provides a really good cross-sector of Nix’s sound where he utilises his jumpy flow for social commentary and ethereal vocals for a memorable chorus.

Music was always going to be Nix’s outlet. His Dad provided the guitar and his mother the varied music taste, both are notable in his sound where experimental instrumentalism plays well with introspective but fun lyricism. This musical depth has drawn head nods from DJs across stations including Giles Peterson and Tom Ravenscroft no less, with the full album almost bound to follow their successful footsteps. 

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