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Another boppy entry from the illusive yet impressive Nokia Mansion in the form of two colourful singles ‘Crip Blue’ and ‘Purple Rain’.

Consisting of emcee Bador, vocalist Rian Brazil and producer Hxrlxy, Nokia have been making waves in their hometown and further ashore since their 2019 anthem ‘Nokia Low’. This has now amassed over 1 million plays on Spotify and has been followed up by roughly a single a year, as the group tease their sound and demand replays.

‘Crip Blue’ also carries with it some bouncy visuals aired on Radial by The Orchard and put together by the three Nokia boys, giving fans a taste of live show energy for those unfamiliar. 

‘Purple Rain’, despite being less than two minutes long, is probably the more repeatable, but both tracks bang. Bador’s natural pacey tempo is quietly abetted by Rian Brazil’s unique vocalising style, with Hxrlxy’s production on-point as ever. World Peace is coming.

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