My music proves that outsiders in this world matter

By Federica Purcaro

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London-based music producer Lostchild opens up about his artistic journey and personal struggles. His narrative defers from any stereotypes. He embodies a delicate and proud portrayal of humanity, leaning into his music to convey a message of in-depth understanding and empathy. 

His music is like a catharsis—an open book of raw, honest and queer feelings. Being a gay man with social anxiety and self-esteem issues is reflected in every aspect of his music, concealed by electronic and pop sounds. He produced top 40-sounding pop music, taking inspiration from different genres. One of his most significant achievements career-wise is producing 2 EPs of material for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 contestant LeFil. He is currently producing solo music, which has led him through a transitional phase in his creative perspective. 

“Sad songs in tight pop song packages infused by emotional electronic pop.” Lostchild defines his music as an outlet for the crazy, lost, and those yearning for a place to call home. 

“A lot of my old music was written during my struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, so a lot of my old songs are about running away from my life. As I am approaching six years sober, my music very much looks at the emotions and coping mechanisms that are left over when you strip away the drugs and alcohol. Subjects such as the need for validation through sex, feelings of isolation and dealing with low self-esteem.”

Bearing his soul by expressing one’s innermost fears proves that vulnerability can be a person’s most prominent resilience. The most exquisite and genuine qualities blossom within someone’s most profound and dark places. This resilience is at the heart of a culture dear to Lostchild. 

“Culture is the art that represents the life and interests of a community or person. For me, it would be the LGBTQIA+ community and the music I have created with and for members of my community who share the same experiences, fears and emotions that I do. Any music that touches on or speaks to the struggles of my community, whether it be directly or indirectly, is a part of the culture I identify as a part of. I call it Outsider Culture.” 

An outsider culture, he longs to impact in a way that goes beyond music. He wants to reassure everyone that no matter how hard this path we call life may be, there will always be a place, whether abstract or real, waiting to be called home. 

“I want people to hear my music and feel the same way I felt when I heard music that made me remember I am not alone in this world. Music that does not necessarily provide solutions or comfort, but music that simply in its existence proves that the outsiders in this world matter, are seen, and are valid.”

No emotion should be viewed as less than what they are. If people feel like dancing through their pain, let them do it, let them be set free beyond any expectations. 

“I hope that people reading this or listening to my music for the first time will hear the raw honesty in my lyrics and that the music will help them escape to a world where they can dance through their pain rather than sit alone with it.”

Pop musical influences can be felt throughout Lostchild’s artistic history. Among the notable figures who have left a lasting impression in his journey is SOPHIE, one of the most influential queer producers of his generation whose premature departure from this earth resonated deeply. He expresses a desire to visit SOPHIE’s concerts, given the chance in another life, as a thanks and a way of recognising her impact on the music and social background of recent years. 

There is so much sincerity in the way Lostchild portrays himself, in his music and in the simple desire of starting over, of leading with a heart that no matter how much it suffered and ached, it is still beating, still fighting accompanied light and love. 

“As hard as it is pursuing something that does not give you much money and comes with a lot of rejection and loneliness, I am leaving something behind when I die. It gives me a reason to be on this earth.” 

His desire to simply exist and leave something valuable behind through his music is the greatest act of kindness an artist could do. It is rather true, that vulnerabilities define us, but not highlighting our worst parts but the most honest, our humanity is within those same vulnerabilities, and to embrace them is to live to the fullest. 

“I hope that people hear my love of pop music and hear my passion and emotions in my music, and it is more important to me that it gets my message across rather than whether or not it is something ‘unique’. I believe it is unique because I share my experience with the world and hope people relate to it.” 

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Cover Photo by Brian Tse