Inside Margo’s Living Room

By John Clay

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It is an honour to prescribe three new live sessions recorded at Hermitage Works Studios a.k.a Margo’s Living Room. So far, the series has featured Goatgirl, Meatraffle, Sex Cells, Arrows Of Love, Honkies, Starsha Lee and many other weird and wonderful acts.  Now it’s time to unveil more music. Welcome to Season 3.


Gaygirl take the best parts of early Radiohead and bolt them to a ship named ‘Adventure!’ Nope, can’t hear that? Well, it’s probably best to press play on the videos to hear Becky Morrison’s ethereal I’m-trapped-in-a-nightmare-I-can’t-escape vocals. Fate has kindly granted me the opportunity to introduce the band to Margo Broom (Producer at Hermitage Works Studios) and witness the birth of their sonic lovechild. Seriously, their new music is gonna blow your minds with its twisted guitar lines and existentialist whimsy. Thankfully, Gaygirl gig often and everywhere, so be sure to check out their Facebook page in the near future:

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Gentlemen George

Gentlemen George provide a knees-up, carefree, devil-may-care attitude to their playing, but I suspect there’s some sorrow and introspection to their lyrical themes based on what I can pick up from George Anthony Husbands’ vocals. Residents ofHermitage Works and regulars of The Brixton Windmill, Gentlemen George are another band actively playing across the capital with tunes the studio is rather proud to have caught in the usual one-shot quirky format. So proud, that we saw fit to let them go through not just one, but two tunes. Not since the wide-eyed days of Season 1 have we let a band indulge in such a fashion. Be sure to check out Gentlemen George’s Facebook to stay in tune with the bands’ movements:

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Sasha And The Shades

This band featured in the last season of this video series and they’ve been sharing that video whenever they get a chance (glad you liked the last one boys!), Sasha And The Shades take a quieter route along their journey through the territory of the blues. This is perfect Sunday morning music if ever there was such a genre. And you know what? Watching this video any day of the week ought to work out just fine too. It’s been hellish booking bands in an order that easily lends itself to a flow in the eventual playlist. Despite best intentions, last season truly became a ‘Mutant Jigsaw’. Impossibly, given the studios’ usual leftfield taste, Sasha And The Shades provide a valuable grounded vibe to the collection yet again. Listen out for the yelp of an excited videographer as ‘Morning Blues’ draws to a close:

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Cover photo: Becky Morrison (Gaygirl) by Wildblanket Photography a.k.a Neil Anderson