Gigs of the week with Sons, Birthmarks, Calva Louise and more

By John Clay

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Sons have a new single out and invite you to watch em blow your minds at their launch party this Friday. Nambucca will host their noise alongside Iamwarface, Jack Perrett and Lefties. Get in!

Holy mother of god. If the Sons single launch lineup hasn’t enticed you away from your TV, PlayStation or cinema then get ready (if you’re able). Squid headline a benevolent fundraiser on behalf of the venue featuring, Madonnatron, PVA, Two Tribes, Something Leather, Happy Couple and the magnificent Mango. Anyone who expects me to write anything more to sell the night will have to wait a long while.

Time for Liverpudlians to feel lucky. Idiosyncratic ballads and other dark matinee await purveyors new and old to the wondrous world of Adam and Elvis tonight. Don’t forget to buy their Pub Grub album after they wow you.

If I said you could see Birthmarks, After London and Luxury Apartments for only 3 pounds, you’d probably say I was lying. Well, if you head down to Brixton Windmill this Wednesday you’ll find that South London’s premiere venue (yes it is, fight me) has made dreams come true yet again.

If you’re living in the East and desire something local, fear not! Wahl are headlining a show at The Victoria with Dutch Mustard and The Dead Zoo in support. The band night is called Dark Owl Midnight Radio and seems to borrow motifs from acclaimed supernatural drama Twin Peaks. How could one say no?

Ditz are on the up and up as they’ve secured a date at The Lexington this week. The fun factor of your Thursday night will forever be raised should the band be in their usual audience invasion mode. Set expectations to excitement O’clock. 

Life (the cheeky unpredictable fucker) is full of the hard choices this week. Yup, Calva Louise are playing The Roundhouse. The event is sold out, so perhaps you’ve already made your choice? Hunt through the FB page should people unable to go be selling their tickets on. You never know. Life, innit?

TUE 18 FEB / Adam & Elvis @ The Jacaranda Club – Liverpool

WED 19 FEB / Birthmarks @ Brixton Windmill – London

WED 19 FEB / Wahl @ The Victoria – London

THU 20 FEB / Ditz @ The Lexington – London

THU 20 FEB / Calva Louise @ Roundhouse – London

FRI 21 FEB / Sons @ Nambucca – London

SAT 22 FEB / DIY Space Fundraiser @ DIY – London

Video: Sons ‘Sweat’ – Filmed by Chemically Sinister

Cover photo: Sons via Facebook Download