By Sam Goodwin

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Brighton-based rapper NuphZed recently took some time off making beats, killing shows and staring into space to answer a few questions for Public Pressure. NuphZed’s debut EP Dreebalicious was released through Yogocop Records, who we featured after witnessing one of the label’s hometown Brighton shows. Now we get to know the Team Dreebs member a little better…

Where you from, what you doing?

Yo I’m NuphZed aka Zederini da Brederini aka Yung Spinach & Ricotta, rolling round Brighton ways for a few years now. I write rhymes and make beats like every other cunt i know cuz I like to. Its all just dreebaliciousnessfunshit. Tsu na mean??

How did you first get involved with Yogocop and Team Dreebs?

Hmmm, its long to explain in detail but basically I already knew Mr Slpiz a bit (yogo check him) and through that I met Benaddict at Brighton’s long running open mic night SlipJam, ended up with a few heads back at mine on an afters phing … cyphers booze etc etc. Benaddict realised I was way more skilful and advanced than him and I think he thought “shit best get this guy on our thing cuz otherwise he’ll crush us all”… and the rest is history mystery.



Tell us about the new EP Dreebalicious…

Most tracks are actually fairly old now, just wanted to get some solo stuff out as only music released was on Team Dreebs Vol. 2. Yogo check that… go listen to it, go buy it and also go cop the sexy Dreebalicious long sleeve tee shirt too.. ok.. cool… safe.

The EP is mostly self-produced, can you tell us about the creative process?

Yes indeed, actually been making beats longer than I’ve been writing and was always asking peeps for beats to use and that and just thought fuck this what am I doing, I can make a beat for me to spit on surely. Don’t think theres anything unusual about it, if anything creative process wise its pretty usual ha, I find a sample, make a beat, write some bars, record it, sit on it for a year then drop it… standard init.

What projects can we expect in the future? Should we prepare for a whole new direction?

OH FO SHO… ummm yeah a lot more so I’d say, like I said a lot of Dreebalcious is old stuff hence why maybe having similar chilled vibes to Team Dreebs Vol.2, but I’m currently working on a project called TRI.SUS.MI – that’s myself, Wundrop & Kemastry, two other Yogocop donnys. It’s basically a 3 man tidal wave. All production by Wundrop and me, bars n that by all 3 of us… Expect a complete switch up. Way more upbeat double time stuff, heavier beats, more of a drop a gurner and skank like a twat stuff, we like to party and wanted to make music that was more orientated around that rather than chilled beats and head nodding stuff, na mean??? But yeah alongside that project I’m always working on my solo Hip Hop shit of course. Probably squeeze out another little EP this year too which will be more on a Dreebalicious vibe.



Tell us a bit about your live shows…

I LOVE PERFORMING. BOOK ME AND MY CREW NOW!! Live shows tend to vary quite a bit, its kinda down to who else I’m playing with in a way, I’d say it’s kinda versatile in that sense, like I can do shows with Benaddict / Illiterate and smash it with all our Hip Hop stuff, maybe drop some more chilled stuff, then I can do shows with Wundrop & Kemastry and come with some more TRI.SUS.MI type stuff, either way we have a laugh and give a lot of energy, usually reflects onto the crowd and then we all have a jolly good time.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for artists putting out music independently?

Well if you are like myself then you’re probably a bit of a wasteman, not amazingly organised and tend to blaze and stare into blank spaces a lot, therefore all the other things that come with being an “artist” like social media for example are fucking long and seem weird and unnatural, so I see that as a challenge ha. Nah I’m chatting shit, fuck knows mate its all well easy nothing ever phases me none of you are real. On a serious note I need people like big boss man Tom Yum to keep me in line a bit and give me media coaching before I do a really shit interview and stuff like that, plus I don’t really deal with too much stuff apart from the making of music and killing live shows.



Who are you listening to these days? And what artists have inspired you most over the years?

Inspiration… 3 Amigos, Contact Play, London Zoo, Fliptrix – all them lot properly inspired me when i was like 15ish to be like yo Ima give this shit a go cuz these lot aren’t gangsters from New York and they’re sick, so Ima try this too na mean?? US wise though gotta be Keith Murray, Heltah Skeltah and Redman, they gave me inspiration too for sure. Who do I listen to these days?? Pftt good question. More recently I’d say like Mick Jenkins, Anderson .Paak, Cosmo Pyke, Childish Gambino (only the Awaken My Love album tho), Jevon Ives, HARVS & KLB and Wundrop.

Shout outs?!



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