Your alternative seasonal soundtrack is here

By Beverley Knight

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As the bells ring out, it’s the time of year for giving. And here we see electro-pop and Paris-based Myd offering the gift of music ‘The Perfect Soundtrack for your Christmas Dinner’. Food is roasting; corks are popping; spirits are high. But what are the tunes around the table? You’ve got your traditional carols and Elvis at Christmas; even an old cheesy compilation lurks somewhere. But what about those dance devotees looking for something a bit more alternative? Just peek in your stocking on the mantel (or device in your hand) to see what Myd left.

His kaleidoscopic 2021 debut album, Born a Loser, teased out the fun side of dance music but with the utmost integrity. Since then, he’s toured the world, filling dance floors as a DJ or performing his work with a live band. He has a talent for delivering the sun on your face wherever you are, inviting folk in the dance music community to unite in harmony. But instead of the sun this time, he chose the white snow. 

Lasting over nine hours, Myd curated The Perfect Soundtrack for your Christmas dinner as a one-off project. He called on his friends, who had that festive feeling, inviting 12 DJs and producers to share their playlists. Bagging a spot for himself, he also asked his close pals Antoine Bourachot and Sam Tiba – an old bandmate from his Club Cheval days. Radio One’s Sarah Story and Deep House DJ Marnia Trench, along with Laurent Garnier, an 80s Hacienda luminary, got stuck in.

Myd’s guiding light and Ed Banger Records’ boss Pedro Winter selected Air’s Modular Mix and the Annie anthem The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow with a dusting of seasonal cheer from McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time. Although, there’s no way on the playlist to see who submitted what. 

Out of everyone mentioned, and Calcutta, Canblaster Didi Han, Juan Wauters, LB aka LABAT, Mainline Magic Orchestra and Yung Prado, who carefully chose Lou Reed’s Perfect Day – the Bowie-produced ballad? Who couldn’t leave out the French Touch of Braxe + Falcon’s remix of Winter Solstice by Phoenix? Who wanted the luxury of Shirley Bassey’s cover of The Door’s Light My Fire?

Ultimately, that’s not important. It’s hours and hours of rediscovering old favourites or finding new songs for your listening pleasure. And overall, a break from the stuff we get sick of in the shops and on TV.

Unlike those other compilations that go back into hibernation until next December, The Perfect Soundtrack for your Christmas Dinner is pretty much evergreen. It’s warming, and there’s a smattering of pure Christmas songs, but not loads. So the beauty of this is, if you’re reading after the big day, all’s not lost. Tuck in and have a listen. 

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