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The new year is upon us and with it is some new music too, who’d have thought it. Yogocop Records have dropped volume two of their annual Advent Calendar collaborative album. Consisting of an unsurprising twenty-five tracks, this beauty counted us down to Christmas one track at a time. It is being whacked on wax for the first two hundred people to enjoy and features familiar Yogocop residents Benaddict, NuphZed and Harvs Le Toad as well as fellow Brightonians CMPND and Dereck d.a.c. 

Wu-Tang Clan associate Bronze Nazareth has something in the works with Leaf Dogs’ Real Life Records. Bundle Raps drops on January 29 and promises to add something new to RLD’s already daring discography. Leaf Dog and BVA can be found on the mic, along with Nazareth’s brother Kevlaar 7. 

Village Live is Five. Marking five years of Village Live records, this 21-track collaborative album curates the sounds which Village Live are renowned for. The decision to create a compilation album was made by label co-founders Joey Deez and Doug (Remulak) in May, weeks before Joey sadly passed away. The project was continued with his tastes firmly in mind and the result is sublime. To celebrate the release there are a host of coloured vinyls (pink and black), slipmats, posters and stickers available to order, but be quick the collectors bundles are selling like hotcakes. 

Last but by no means least, Group BraCil have a new recruit. Bristol’s beat stalwart Simiah, or his alter-ego, How Du I should say has released two singles ‘The Future’ and ‘Sinking’ on Group BraCil. How Du features on Simiah’s ‘Tiesa’ EP, which begs the question who is powering who here? Have a ponder and a listen.

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