Witness the birth of Panic Attack

By Beverley Knight

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Take a deep breath and let go. Panic Attack – a hard techno DJ and producing duo, is ready to push you to the limit. Expect melodies, schranz style, and factory vibes whipped up in a sonic storm. It’s not for those who fancy a walk in the park. They’re the first to claim it’s intense.

The pair locked eyes four years ago at university, where they were on the same degree course. Eventually, they found a shared love of music. So off they went together to Awakenings – the renowned techno festival with mammoth production and staging. It was their first time there and the start of an adventure chasing beats.

Last April, answering the call of another festival, Verknipt Easter Special in Utrecht, they caught Petduo performing for the first time. They were stunned and in awe, asking themselves, ‘Why can’t we do that?’. From that point, they devoted themselves to studying the craft and exploring how production and DJing worked. In summer, they took a plunge and bought a turntable. Practising non-stop, they have never looked back. Witness the birth of Panic Attack.

As emerging DJs, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. The tricky part is how. Panic Attack wants to crack this by owning their sound in production and DJing. It’s all about enjoyment. Otherwise, why do it? They want to adore what they play and for the ravers to feel the same. In a busy scene, they feel part of something. Everyone contributes to a thriving community.

However, the pair isn’t naive; they know there’s still a hefty distance to travel, but they’re as keen as mustard to develop and gain recognition. The ideal situation musically would be to strike the right balance between schranz, a version of hard techno that came out of Germany in the late 1990s, and industrial techno.

Another thing they’re figuring out is how to have visibility in the scene and beyond. Often, artists get booked for drawing large crowds rather than artists who play fresh and eclectic sets. When that happens, the emphasis on quality diminishes. That’s something that frustrates the pair.

There’s a saying: small wins equal big gains. In five months, the duo has shared three tracks with the world. Their Instagram following jumped from 30 to 368. It’s a proud and curious time for the two, but what’s next? The excitement for Panic Attack is not always knowing.

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