Who you talking to?

By Yvonne Hawkey

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“I’m all things music. Give me music so I can make more music, give me ideas so I can mix them. It doesn’t matter what the genre is, let’s just make it happen!”

From US military marine to music producer, Nandi Flipzz knows about discipline and hard work and how applying yourself can lead to fulfilling your dreams. 

Born in Jamaica, his early life was surrounded by music lovers. At the age of four, he remembers being awakened by a block party happening nearby. The rhythmic pattern of the bass led him to walk out of the house and right up to the speakers and at that moment, he knew he wanted to be the person that makes the music. An epiphany! He moved to the US with his mother and his journey began. Nandi has gone from being a military marine to a fitness enthusiast, a web developer to a stand-up comedian and beyond. Each step of the way and with each role he played, he succeeded, picking up awards and credentials as he went along. 

But he always wanted to follow that rhythmic pattern of the bass…So, in 2016, he enrolled at Icon Collective Music School quickly learning how to create full songs and was soon invited on tour with several hip-hop and electronic music acts. 

He always felt truly destined for Hollywood, and now resides there. He is a partner of a Sony Music Production company managing the daily operations at the number one studio in LA. Producing music for over a decade now he recently worked with R&B legends Ron Isley and Mya, as well as several Grammy-winning producers. He never gave up his dreams and that four-year-old Jamaican boy is now the person that makes the music! So why Web3?

“It was a long time coming”, he said, “I did a degree in web technology because I had a feeling that web tech and music were going to intertwine in a big way. I just wanted to wait for the right time and environment to release something and join the Web3 space. It’s now the right time!”.

His debut Web3 collection ‘SALTO Vol 1’ consists of a downloadable audio track ‘Who you talking to’ and a free airdrop ‘Vengeance’.

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