Cloud Rap is a cyber serpent devouring its own tail

By TheWashinLineThief

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The underground Cloud Rap scene behaves somewhat like a cyber serpent devouring its own tail with its few artists and their many alter egos. Who is who? We will never know. Many have cracked the code for Surrender Dorothy, which we now know, is Bones and I have high intelligence to believe that Master Flash Yen is Xavier Wulf, despite the many disputes in the comment section on his YouTube. There are many fantasy style artist in the Cloud Rap scene that take real life hardships and change them into more fascinating surreal concepts, one character being Mercury Man the alter ego of … well I don’t know, he claims to be from post-apocalyptic earth and has a peculiar fascination with all things metallic.  This is how our interview went:

Who is Mercury Man?

Mercury Man is the gatekeeper of metal village.

Where is metal village?

Metal village psshh I cant call it

Okay what does being the gatekeeper of metal village actually entail? Like what do you actually do, your responsibilities and such?

Metal village is a cyber punk city and mercury is a drug here that enhances peoples ability’s but some are using it for evil here, so I have to guard the substance.

Do you take mercury?

No I don’t. Because I know what it does and I can never do that to myself. If push comes to shove we will never know.

What is Mercury Man doing now?

I’m doing an album but I had to push it back abit because… too many problems. Do you know what I mean?

No I don’t. What do you mean?

Personal shit, like getting ready for my future.

What is your album about?

The first mission I had to go through in a while

What mission? What are talking about?

When metal village was attacked.

What’s your album called?

Metal village

You have only released a few songs are you fresh in the music-making world?

Semi fresh, I’ve been making music for time, but I only made music for myself because a bit frustrated about the direction some artists go so I decided to make my own, but I would also like to say I wanted to make albums just for me to listen to but my friends kept telling me to make a soundcloud and release it but that wasn’t originally the plan and also I felt like I can just listen to it and imagine there scores to an anime, I’m very inspired by ‘Ghost in the shell’ among other cyber punk amines but the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is what made me start.

Who does Mercury Man listen to?

Soulja Boy number one artist. I listen to some country music, I’ve been a fan of Atlanta music since 2008, and recently I’ve been listening to Jose Gapo. I listen to experimental industrial music and a lot of synth wave.

Who do you fuck with in the underground scene?

A lot of my friends like Silky Girl, Dark Web and I fuck with some producers too like Zandatsu, there’s a bare people but I can’t remember.

Will we ever know the true identity of Mercury Man? Will we ever see you face etc.?

I guess. In due time.

What links do you want us to put up?

Just Sound Cloud, I trying to stay low-key.

Ok thanks for your time Mercury Man good luck on your missions.



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