Where there is a bitch, there is power

By Maria Winter

You may not know this, but the music created by the mighty Soul Bitches is rooted in improvisation. It’s their essence, their core. What began as two girls realising that in the musical environment, women are always encouraged to compete for a place despite there being room for everyone, transformed into an epic 5-piece Latin R&B band who continue to dominate the music scene.

For keyboard player Gastón Saucedo, what makes Soul Bitches so special is the way they combine each member’s unique background to amplify their musical creation: “Porte and Rochi transmit the strength and love of feminist militancy. Lucas is the groove, responsible for making us move our bodies, I am the base that elevates the general sound of what we do, and Franco is the heart of the band – he leads the beat and the baton of where we are going to musically.”

One of the first questions I obviously had to ask was, ‘Why the badass name Soul Bitches’? And it’s safe to say their reasoning is as brilliant as you think:

“The word ‘Soul’ refers to the music we make. We maintain that ‘Soul’ itself is not a musical genre but a way of interpreting music from the, and excuse the redundancy, soul. Regarding the word “bitch”… we know it is controversial. Historically, whenever we women were called “bitches” it happened because we were asserting power. By naming our band this way, we’re reclaiming ownership of that word. How do we reclaim it? By redefining it and then by actually using it. We should not be afraid to say the word “bitch” in public, because of its past incorrect definition. In fact, the less we use it the more power we give to the incorrect definition. Where there is power, there is a bitch. Where there is a bitch, there is power”, explains Gastón.

The tracks ‘Cenital’ and ‘Coco Made Me Do It’ convey an undeniable energy that ignites the spirit, seamlessly blending Latin, R&B, and electronic elements. Navigating the fusion of these diverse musical genres to create a cohesive sound can sometimes be a challenge, but the aim is to always reflect on the rich tapestry of their collective musical palette: “During our rehearsals, our primary mission is to cultivate an environment of liberation, playfulness, and musical exploration, allowing each member to draw from the diverse influences that shaped their musical journey. Different elements of Soul music, R&B, Funk, Electro, Latin, Rock, Tango, and myriad other genres seamlessly intertwine.”

But it’s not just their music that has people talking, Soul Bitches advocate feminism on stage. Their performances embody feminist principles and empower their audience to just be themselves. Gastón says, “By standing on a stage with a microphone and doing whatever we want, we show the women watching that they can do it too. We show that you don’t have to be blonde, skinny, and light-eyed to occupy a place on the scene. That’s why representation matters.”

The connection the band has with their audience is unparalleled, and this comes from their authenticity and transparency both on and off the stage. “We make visible all the situations and inconveniences we have as female musicians in Córdoba, which generates a high level of empathy. We’re basically healing with our audience”, explains Gastón.

As they step into the spotlight, Soul Bitches aren’t just playing music – they’re weaving an intricate tapestry of sound, emotion and shared experience. But behind the scenes, amidst the adrenaline rush of the live performance, lies a delicate balance of challenge and camaraderie. They’ve learned that the true test of their unity isn’t just in the flawless execution of their set but in how they navigate the unexpected twists and turns that come with the territory. Whether it’s a moment of hesitation or the spontaneous inclusion of guest musicians, they’ve discovered that it’s not about perfection but rather the art of embracing imperfection with grace and solidarity.

Gastón notes, “We love achieving a first impact that shakes your ideas (and your body). We want you to have a great time during our show, but above all, we want you to go home thinking. May that show be a pamper to the heart and the push you needed to do what you didn’t dare do before.”

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Photography by Lupulito