When I found the Baghunters

By Yvonne Hawkey

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“I have always been open to writing any genre and style. I guess that’s why the Moonsama chaos methodology resonates with me so much. I love making music that hits the heart but hooks you in with funny vocals that are engineered to fit nicely in the mix and capture the vibe. Serious but not serious.” 

Finding the Baghunters telegram group in October 2021 was a turning point for Australian music producer and audio engineer Aaron the Degen. He instantly felt at home with the banter and the community. Realising these Degen legends had characters waiting to be turned into tunes, Aaron started writing tracks featuring different vocalists from the likes of Lokito Cobra Lee and Tieumap. When he went on to experiment with heavy dubstep, sampling the vocals of Donnie Big Bag’s podcast with Kraken, word began to spread within the community. 

Aaron went on to produce the Baghunters 2021 Christmas album, which even featured a track by Donnie Big Bags himself. Proceeds from the album sales raised 5K for the victims of typhoon “Odette” in the Philippines.

A local government-funded youth music programme was where he had his first interaction with music production, learning the basics of using samples to create beats. Aaron the Degen was instantly hooked. 

And fast forward to today, his latest Web3 EP ‘Degenesis’ features three downloadable audio tracks, ‘Kilt Protocol’, ‘Kusama’ and ‘Polkadot’s Governance’ with exclusive cover art by B3NNN3T aka IRONN3T. There will also be an airdrop called ‘Carnage’ for Carnage game players only.

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