What’s the motive?

By Dylan Robinson

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The wasps have drowned and been observed. Onto the next offering from Scottish emcee and producer Tzusan; psychedelic rap but dripping in concrete grittiness, he pulls in fellow Scot and spitter Shogun for the first in a series of projects from the pair ‘Lead Wetsuit Schematics’. 

What are Lead Schematic Wetsuits, can you talk to us about the title? 

Tzusan: Designed to fail.

Shogun: It’s the answer to all your problems in a quick and easy-to-follow programme.

How did the collaboration come about?

Shogun: A warm summer wind delivered unto me, a feather. I then cast it to the northern shores in order to summon Tzusan from his stoop. It took many days and many nights but I think it turned out alright.

The full album is not going to be dropping just yet, but we have some singles that lay the foundations on what is a wholly immersive outing. Tzusan delves deeper into his box of tricks and pulls out bone rattlers like they’re the flock of turtle doves hidden up his syrup-soaked sleeve. 

Tzusan, how does this drop differ from WSPSNSYRP? 

Shogun: No wasps were harmed in the making of this one.

Tzusan: It’s its own thing defo, apples and oranges. I wanted the collab stuff to have a different feel to it in terms of my own bars and production. Working with Joe and our different approaches in the studio kinda necessitated coming at it from a different angle which was refreshing for me.

The first tease actually surfaced on 4/20 (if you’re that way inclined) and featured Sonnyjim, fresh off his ‘White Girl Wasted’ album. ‘One Foot’ is like a sample menu of what may be explored in Lead Wetsuit Schematics, bars and delivery-wise, whilst showing the power of silence in production which Tzusan deploys effectively throughout the project. 

The second entry ‘What’s The Motive?’ sees Tzusan take the reins on both fronts as he critiques wealthy tax dodgers and manages to rhyme ‘vouloir’ … there are many other *insert impressed vocal sounds* moments throughout the album. 

This isn’t where the venture ends. There are rumours of an episodic podcast by the pair which will include unheard conversations, comedic skits and features to be released via Patreon.

What can we expect from the podcast? 

Shogun: To feel like a fly on the wall in the brig of a sinking merchant vessel circa 1789.

Tzusan: Allsorts man. There’s comedy, philosophical discussion, special guests and a bunch of other weird shit. You’ll have to wait and see but I’d say expect the unexpected.

Where can fans see you play the album?

Shogun: Anywhere with a sound system and deep enough pockets to accommodate our many luxurious habits. Scotland first though.

Tzusan: We’re on tour in Scotland kicking off in July at The Mash House in Edinburgh then off to Aberdeen and Glasgow before working our way down south so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to catch us over the summer just keep an eye on those dates getting announced.

To round off the project we have additional verses from Nelson Dialect, Manga Saint Hilare and Vitamin G, as well as being promised Lead Wetsuit Schematic playing cards… I felt this needed mentioning.

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