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Psych-grunge infusion WEIRDS have just revealed their latest video for Valley of Vision, and it’s creepy as hell. Shot like a cinematic, slow-motion chase scene from a horror film, the washed-out music video depicts the members of WEIRDS tearing through a bleak, wet, open field as they are hunted relentlessly by an eerie figure clad from head to toe in black, wearing an executioner-style mask and yielding a formidable-looking improvised mace (that looks oddly reminiscent of a guitar at times). The band’s grungy and reverberant sound is the perfect complement for this eerie, filmic spectacle.

“Valley of Vision was one of the first songs we wrote for the record. We wanted to create a pop song, and make it big, heavy and mysterious. We try to craft our songs in simple structures, and it came together pretty much in one night in our basement. The lyrics were inspired by a puritan prayer from a book of medieval Latin lyrics that I carry with me pretty much at all times, and we were fixated on the title. We’re big fans of expansive, totemic titles and Valley of Vision summed up the feeling of the song, it has a mythical symmetry to it.

The song is about family, violence and religion, and the way these all seep into each other, so the lines become blurred. We wanted to it to be the flag-bearer at the front of the fucked up procession that is our album. The song is our crest of intent, us tak ing aim and limbering up – we’ve got you in our sights.”

– Aidan Razzall (vocalist)

WEIRDS, originally from Leeds, have already stormed the Yorkshire music scene, and are now set to take on the rest of the UK. From the 17th to 22nd March, they will be headlining in Sheffield, Nottingham and London, before hitting the road to support The Wytches at various different venues in April. They will also be landing at the Camden Rocks Festival in London in June, and 2000 Trees Festival at Upcote Farm in July. The band, made up of Aidan Razzall (vocals), Matthew Vaughan (bass), Zachary Thomas (guitar) and David Nash (drums), look set for a promising year ahead of them, with additional tour dates soon to be announced, and their debut album due to be released on Alcopop! Records in May. Watch this space.


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Cover photo by Joseph Ironmonger

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