Weird Sex at the Roadkill Vol 2 launch

By Alfredo Violante Widmer

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Weird Sex are playing live at the Roadkill Vol.2 launch together with Horsefight, The Starlight Magic Hour, Projector, Sit Down, The Widows, Enemy Of The People and Japanese Television. Watch Weird Sex video and find out how they got into Josh Cooper’s Roadkill scene with some of their favourite bands.



What attracted you being included on the second Roadkill compilation?

We are delighted to be asked to be on the compilation. There are so many great bands on the tape and many of our pals, so it’s boss to be part of it. After playing a bunch of their shows over the past 18 months and after they released our split cassette last year, we have built a bond of everlasting tightness with the Roadkillers. We are very much looking forward to working with Roadkill more in the future, especially for our first full-length album which will hopefully be released later this year.

What band or bands on the tape are you most excited about being featured alongside and why?

There are some really amazing bands on the tape that it’s really hard to narrow it down. Melt Dunes are friends of ours, Jamie was the original Weird Sex drummer and they really are one of the best bands around at the minute, their live shows are unreal. Excited to see our pals Enemy Of The People on the compilation too, we loved their show at Birthdays. A massive shout out to Leather Party too, Brown Brogues were one of my favourite bands in the world and it’s great to see Mark back with a totally different but bloody brilliant sound. My good mate Marc Norris git me onto Scab Hand, he produced their last EP, it sounded brilliant and I’d love to catch them live. Honestly, though, this is one of the best compilations I’ve seen in a long time and I could go on forever about the bands that appear on it.

Tell us a bit about what else you’re up to at the moment

We are busy writing for our first full-length record. It’s dead exciting, we have about a billion ideas, some of which have been tested at recent shows. We play the compilation release on the 5th May which will be great, the line up is so good. After the 5th we really just need to get our heads down and work on the album. We live all over the UK so it’ll be great just to spend time together writing without having to worry about shows and then I promise we will be back later in the year.


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05 MAY / Roadkill Records Vol.2 Cassette Launch @ The Shacklewell Arms


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