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I really don’t want to patronize Dirty Dike with an introduction, so that is all you’re going to get. The UK hip-hop scene really wouldn’t be the same without Dike, and now he even has his own label to show for it along with a bunch of new music on the horizon. 

‘Just Dreamin’ is the next outing for Melonskin Records; co-founder and friend Pete Cannon finds himself back on the decks putting down soulful string and vocal samples for Dike to prophesize over in the shape of one-line-flows that may remind fans of his and Jam Baxter’s classic ‘Me & You’. 

London’s Turbo Shrimp captures a very ordinary day in the life of Dike, filming, directing and editing to create what is being witnessed on Melonskin’s Youtube Channel. 

There is plenty more to come from the infant label; past drops include Eva Lazarus and Sleazy F Baby, the latter of which is expected to result in an album… but right now I need more Dirty Dike. 

UK Hip hop lifestyle brand Burntclout is taking over our Discord radio this Sunday with Dirty Dike, Morriarchi, NorthaZe, Dabbla, Jam Baxter, Clbrks, Black Josh and more.

SUN 19 JUN 6 PM on Discord

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