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The formidable duo that is Ed Scissor and Lamplighter are back again for another ambiguous project, ‘Joysville’. 

“It’s been a good half-decade since our last instalment ‘Tell Them It’s Winter’ and a lot has changed for both parties, as this drop looks to explore. The passing of time; solitude, yet with total freedom; planning this piece felt more like preparing for a critical analysis that it did pushing an album” – such is the norm when entering the far fetched dystopia that these two enjoy dishing out like it’s going out of date.

All twelve tracks of ‘Joysville’ were written and recorded at dusk during the first lockdown and therefore don no scars of time constraints or personal pressures, as Scissor puts it, “we followed our hearts and went with what felt good at the time”. 

So far we have three early release singles, all as grandiloquent as the last but with relatable narratives that will lead you down bleak dead ends like a useless torch-clutching tour guide. The doors of ‘Joysville’ will be open to the public today with a selection of merchandise available on High Focus’ website now.

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