Unapologetically clichéd

By Yvonne Hawkey

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Californian music producer, audio engineer and singer, Chase Looney (and yes that is his real name!) is new to Web3 technology, but recently working alongside influencer Chico Crypto, his eyes have been opened to how emerging artists can be given a chance in the Web3 ecosystem. As a young man, Chase trained in LA as an audio engineer under the supervision of legendary Harvey Mason and The Underdogs which he describes as like “stepping into a magazine!” He learnt the ropes of songwriting, producing and cinematography, brushing shoulders with the likes of Chris Brown and Mary J Blige. 

It was an LA whirlwind affair that led him to a successful and steady music career, but also to a dose of burnout. The love of his family and the outdoors eventually drew him back to Northern California where he has since been writing music with his younger sister Virginia Marlo, an established musician in her own right. 

Chase describes his debut Web3 single ‘Cliché’ as a “love song mash-up out of his normal lane.” He always thinks visually when he’s writing, and ‘Cliché’ through a camera lens, would be an unapologetic love scene in an iconic movie. Standing in the rain with a broken heart, chasing down a taxi as the love of your life drives out of your life – we’ve all been there!

‘Cliché’ is part of a collection called ‘The Dedicated’ released on the label, 31 Records. The first two tracks from the collection, ‘I’ll be your eyes’ and ‘California’, are “dedicated” to Mathew, a close family member who was at Chase’s side throughout his LA period but tragically died very young in an accident.

The 1,500 limited edition ‘Cliché’ audio track is now sold out but available on Public Pressure’s secondary market.

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