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“Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians” or “Beats Per Minute” either way, we’re merging digital and real-life spaces, by partnering with the BPM Festival.

Public Pressure is sponsoring three stages at the 2023 Costa Rican Festival and will drop exclusive tracks from four artists that performed there. These tracks will also come with great BPM perks for the fans who own them. These upcoming exclusive Web3 releases will take place between March and April and be the first of many BPM artist collaborations.

Founded in 2008 in Mexico, BPM set a new trend by launching a post-New Year gathering for industry professionals, consisting of a ten-day go-to paradise for DJs, music producers and industry professionals. But soon, revellers from around the world flocked to the BPM in the tens of thousands, and essentially kick-started what is now a thriving music and party culture in the region. 

As Public Pressure, our aim is to bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms of music, and we see no better way than to partner with incredible events like the BPM Festival and create new conversations on how music is consumed and enjoyed, as we do our part to contribute to the story of electronic dance music on Web3!

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