This is Kind of Crazy

By Alfredo Violante Widmer

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The video for ‘Kind of Crazy’ was shot entirely in an industrial good’s lift with one camera, one GoPro and a mobile phone. We’ve asked Boyfromthecrowd’s lead singer Vinny about the concept.

“This is a punk blues song, and It could only be done lo-fi. It would have made no sense having a bigger production or overly edited and polished video. There is a story to the song, but we felt it wasn’t needed to translate that literally to the video script. Instead, we went mental in a cage.”



We want to know about the cage.

“I live in an old factory that has been converted into warehouse type flats. It is a very cool place and where I also have my recording studio: Maako studios. As it happens, the building still has an active good’s lift. It looks killer, trashy, industrial and dangerous. It looks like a cage. It took some doing convincing the building management people, but in the end, they were very cool and so did the neighbours. We did bash the drum kit for hours, and the sound travelled through the lift cage into people’s flat. It was just like if they were sitting behind the drums (laughs). I did keep a low profile for a few days after that.”

And was it dangerous?

We had this idea of the lift opening on different floors with the band still playing. We tried once, the lift had a “mishap” and dropped half a meter suddenly. Sadly the camera’s wasn’t rolling, but we didn’t try that again.”

How much did the video cost?

“The video cost us the grand sum of seventy pounds. We had very little footage to choose from and had to commit to it. It made for a quick edit and all in all a very rock’n’roll result. All the budget was spent on hiring lights. It was good fun and less stress than some of our previous videos. I’ll take that any day.”


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