There’s no way I could ever imagine a world without art

By Beverley Knight

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Numa Echos started writing poems at the tender age of three. Born in Italy, she recited the words as her parents wrote them down. She couldn’t have known she had a creative soul, but she trusted her instincts. Deep down, Numa had a feeling she was doing something beautiful. Writer, actress, musician, author, director and, of course, poet, she doesn’t want to identify with one art form more than the other. “I embrace it all. Every creative piece of work I make, even if it’s not something I’d share, strongly represents me.”

If you connect the dots, all types of art are neighbours in one way or another. “They’re so closely related and complementary; they’re pieces of the same puzzle. Anyone who wants to express themselves should use all means possible to expose their essence.” Art changes things for the better, or at the least makes society think.” There’s no way I could ever imagine a world without art. At this precise and critical moment in history, it should represent positive messages we should act upon.”

Rather than following music, Numa likes the poetic notion that music is following her. “My songs are allusive, rhythmicaly speaking of different emotional and social realities. They invite reflection on who we are and what surrounds us, which is essential to continue bettering ourselves.” Numa and Filippo Scrimizzi wrote and produced Descending Consciousness in 2023. The album’s dark tones invite you into the nocturnal dark side, floating in a noir aura. It questions humanity and a lack of ethical and artistic conscience, which Numa constantly challenges.

Her sound stirs rock, dark wave, electronic, trip-hop, and industrial sounds into the black cauldron. “I don’t like to focus on a specific genre, but I love the interactions between styles.” It’s not of note that we like it to Numa – all she wants is for her music to communicate emotionally. “I hope the listener finds my art interesting and recognises the value of my work.”

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