There are times when I wish I could experience what it is like to be normal

By Federica Purcaro

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Emeye is more than a music project. According to their depiction, they extend beyond the visible spectrum, surpassing the limits of auditory perception and delving into the realm of the soul’s sensations. Introducing them is like introducing yourself. Everyone can be Emeye, can you?

We sat down to talk with them about their true colours, ambitions and what makes them so incredibly unique. Freedom has always been quintessential in their existence, both on a personal and musical level. They are proud to fit in today’s culture without being affected by having no origin or religion: “I would say I fit in today’s society with freedom”. A society that they want to change by “making others understand how important it is to relate gently to the world around them”. 

Their spirit is a mix of a social, political and dreamer animal. They want to be part of everything as they embrace this totalness of mind, body and soul. Nevertheless, they still hold immense pride in bringing to life meaningful social matters. They define themselves as politically correct as they said: “I believe that addressing matters such as social justice, human rights and ethical conduct is of great significance”. 

An interpretational significance that is a constant method of research in their dedicated mission: “One aspect of my music is ambiguity, leaving room for individual interpretation. Listeners often find their meaning and stories within the melodies and harmonies”. 

Their mission is to be able to reach people not only as the music flows through their veins and they get carried away by beats and sensations, but they also aim to connect with their intellectual sides apart from an emotional one. 

“It defines my life, and out of self-respect, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals.”

Choosing to pursue an artistic lifestyle requires a consideration of numerous facts, one of which entails a broader set of challenges than we imagine. The sector of marketing can be seen as a double-edged sword for artists. They explained: “On one side, it can help the artists connect with a target audience, promote their work and establish their names, while on the other side, it can take away a substantial amount of time and energy, shifting into being a “creative killer”. 

“In both cases, I believe that marketing cannot kill creativity. Art is truth, and truth doesn’t die!”

Being an artist is not an effortless job, from crafting your musical persona to being able to make a mark out in the world. Yet, they don’t regret choosing this way of life rather than a “normal” one: “It is important to appreciate ourselves for who we are. But to be completely honest with you, there are times when I wish I could experience what it is like to be normal.”  

This artistic lifestyle, even if it is full of ups and downs, is something they have always cherished, as they believe there are many remarkable aspects of choosing this way of living. “There is a profound sense of creative fulfilment and self-expression, the freedom to follow your passions and construct a positive impact on people and society through music, alongside forging a powerful emotional connection with the audiences and fellow artists. “

Nevertheless, akin to any endeavour, there are invariably challenges that accompany it, “financial stability can be elusive, and the emotional toll on mental health can be substantial”. These challenges are a significant part of their journey as artists, but all that comes with passion needs fighting for it: “I find the rewards in creativity, connection, and personal growth worth navigating.” 

Emeye’s dedicated mission is all about being able to create a connection that runs deeper than what can be heard or seen, as they want to give their listeners a chance to embrace their freedom and do so without ever bowing down to set standards and rules. We serve as the conductors of the symphony of our life.

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