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“After growing up in a conservative city, stuck in a mundane, predetermined life, I decided to move to London which changed everything.”

Italian musician/producer Vasio turned his back on the elegant and affluent city of Modena for a new life in London. Modena, culturally packs a punch and is famous for its fast cars, sweet vinegar and being the birthplace of classical tenor, Pavarotti.

But in 2022 when Italy’s interior minister Matteo Piantedosi put out orders to break up a rave in Modena, it was the catalyst for rolling out legislation to crack down on illegal raves, involving heavy prison sentences for organisers and promoters. While the right-winged government targeted these young ravers, they ignored a fascist march in support of Mussolini because “the Mussolini march did not disrupt public order”. This certainly echoes a police state.

With Vasio’s move to London, he has adopted a new mindset that “anything is possible if you set your mind to it”. Surrounding himself with diverse, open-minded individuals, his newfound ambition sees him making waves in the EDM and tech house scenes with dynamic, high-energy productions. He’s also a very talented guitarist, and successfully mixes genres with melodic guitar riffs, adding a unique flair to his EDM music.

Vasio’s fascination with electronic sounds has led him to start producing music, and when it comes to creating the combination of his production and mastering knowledge sees him always trying to find something new. His unstoppable spirit and unwavering dedication to music production are evident in ‘You Can’t Stop Me Now!’, a powerful energetic anthem.

“Web3 technology is the future for music, but as with every new technology, I think it will take several years to be fully adopted and understood correctly.”

In the meantime, the party is certainly not over!

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