The more you grow as an artist, the more you talk to people outside your cultural bubble

By Federica Purcaro

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Relationships, finding your path in life, loneliness, and coming-of-age themes are some of the real-life influences in Loupe’s music. Each band member brings something unique and personal into their music, creating a bright and bold canvas never to be overlooked. Loupe does not fit into one specific genre. Its fluidity is the key to its fresh and well-crafted artistry, from alternative pop with exotic guitar sounds and melodic and complex bass grooves with vocals, bringing a hooky RnB element to the mix. Even their name comes from bringing different elements to the table. One day, when they visited their label in Berlin, the members wrote down different letters they liked that were then put together to create the word Loupe. A spur of creativity and intelligence that turned out to be the most lucky.  The variety of sounds, personalities, and creative output between them resonates with how they encounter culture outside of their home base of Amsterdam and Berlin. 

“As Loupe, we have recently visited the UK and Germany quite frequently. Visiting these countries as a band instead of just tourists is completely different and inspiring. We do experience a difference in how the audience responds to the music and also a difference in how venues communicate with us or how they take care of us. Every place has a different history and diverse things they have access to or miss; therefore, they have new things to get excited about and look out for to experience. Of course, these countries have a lot of similarities, but to us, those small differences explain the nuance of culture in the way we see it.”

There is a certain level of attention to how they carry themselves not only through their creative journey but also in the respect they have when encountering different cultures and ways of experiencing life with all its kaleidoscopic hues. 

“In our scene, we talk a lot about creating a world where people can be who they want to be and love who they want to love. We also talk about making society inclusive for people who struggle to find a job, a home, and a social life. This matter of acceptance is of great importance to us. Subsequently, we realise how we might live in a bubble and that some parts of the outside world slowly move further away from this ideal we so cherish. The more you grow as an artist, the more you talk to people outside your cultural bubble. I think this is a very effective thing we sometimes miss out on. In this way, we can understand each other and make sure we respect one another decisions and perspectives.” 

They wish to create a safe space for their audience to escape into and, ultimately, see that freedom turn into something real during a live show. 

“Watching an audience with all sorts of backgrounds and ages come together in a venue feels like a remarkable thing we would love to continue to witness and make possible for as long as we can.” 

Artistic longevity can sometimes be threatened by the many ups and downs life puts before us, from trying to implement more stability in their touring and creative lifestyle to adhering to the rules and expectations of the industry. 

“Occasionally, when we talk about marketing our art, it makes us a bit queasy. I think it has to do with the feeling that you have to do something for the sole purpose of selling it. Still, we find that these ‘marketing strategies’ help us explain to the outside world what we do and support us in sharing them with the audience. So it feels like you ought to stay close to what you already love and trust and fully embrace it without second guessing.” 

No second guessing. A slogan that we effortlessly encounter in their music, where melodies and lyrics conform with eagerness and softness, a combination that shows both confidence and kindness in how they craft their art. It reminisces a puzzle, where every piece is meticulously arranged following a concert, a studio session or a lyrical brainstorm.  

“Some of the best things that came from this decision to pursue an artistic life and make what we love can certainly be found in the process of creating and playing music, tying ourselves with our audience through live performances, being around incredibly inspiring people and taking our music around different places. Connecting and creating is our driving force.” 

Loupe will be touring in summer to various festivals across the Netherlands and Germany, including a stop at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. They truly excel at live concerts, making it essential to see them in action.

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Cover photo by Evie Maynes