The iceberg theory

By Dylan Robinson

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Clbrks has teamed up with Scottish producer Vagrant Real Estate (I know three in three on Scottish producers) for ‘The Iceberg Theory’, a self-released seven-track project of stripped-back soulful loops and cynical confessions. 

Drawing on Ernest Hemmingway’s Iceberg Theory of deliberately omitting information in a journalistic sense, Cl again adopts a concept to build his project around- last year’s The Library of Babel’ is another example. 

This time though, he decides to share his mic and the soundscapes provided to him by rising producer Vagrant Real Estate; despite Ramson Badbonez being the most renowned, London spitters Kish! on ‘Into The Trees’ and Renelle 893 on the album’s title track are the features that stand out for me – the beats on both almost gothic in their dreamy languor. 

The collaborative effort does not stop there. Illustrator Emily Catherine, who has worked with Mach Hommy and Your Old Droog previously, has blessed Cl with artwork inspired by Bosch’s ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’, and Holbein’s ‘The Ambassadors’… no surprise then, the 100 limited edition vinyl have all been copped. 

You almost wonder how many more timeless quotes Clbrks can conjure up, with every drop proving to outdo the last, or at the very least maintain the impeccable standard of wordplay and cadence. ‘The Iceberg Theory’ is out everywhere now, and yes, there is plenty more than meets your blessed eyes.

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