The experience starts in our minds and as the audience, you have to allow it

By Maria Winter

Dpath was born in Merida, Venezuela in 2016, initially as a solo project by Vocalist, Guitarist and Producer Billy. The aim was to explore, without limits, sounds and creative expressions. For Billy, it was important to delve into his own creativity as deeply as possible, having passed through various band projects that weren’t quite the right fit. “Between 2015 and 2016 I was very involved with modern metal music, but as a fan of Deftones I saw that one of the music genres that influenced them was Trip Hop. I decided to research about it and found bands that I fell in love with like Portishead and Massive Attack, and also discovered this awesome shoegaze scene that delighted me.”

After arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Billy discovered the opportunity to showcase a couple of songs to the Old Continent with record labels Aviary Records and RNC. This journey influenced the evolution of his music and creative process, as he found that each environment held a different type of energy which influenced his songwriting: “Mérida is very quiet and has slow movement. It’s a small town in the Andes mountains that is like an eternal spring – people take it easy there. A contrast to that is Buenos Aires as you’ve got a lot of stuff going on. That’s why it’s called by Gustavo Cerati ‘La ciudad de la furia’, or Fury City.” From this point onwards, interest in the unique project grew, and new artists, including Alex Demiurge (Guitar), Gabriel Di Leva (Bass) and Joaquin (Drums), joined the lineup.

Perhaps to some, the thought of combining diverse genres such as alternative rock, Trip Hop, ambient and Neo-Soul can seem rather daunting, but Dpath’s ability to create a cohesive sound is incredibly special. This is particularly noticeable on tracks like ‘Anhelo’ and ‘Leve Calma’. Billy recognises the importance of simplicity when constructing these masterpieces. He says, “I don’t overthink too much. I feel a lot of energy coming from alternative rock, but then my experience with Jazzy Neo-Soul music comes from friends who play in Jazz bands, so I take some harmony concepts from there alongside techniques I’ve picked up from a few Jazz teachers in Mérida. It helps that I listen to such a range of music from Death Metal to Folk, and I try to think about life, specific changes and experiences.”

In 2022, Dpath was awarded ‘Best Electronic Dance Act’ by Show4me. Receiving this level of recognition for their music gave Billy the motivation to pursue new challenges, but it still didn’t stop his initial surprised reaction: “It’s very funny because we don’t actually consider ourselves to be within the electronic music field despite the fact we love a lot of electronic music artists such as Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin. Having said that, it was equally as inspiring to receive this award and the Show4me team is amazing.”

Billy believes that “artistic multiplicity is sought with the spectator” to complete the meaning of Dpath’s work. Their live performances truly enable an introspective journey for audience members, where sculpted sonic soundscapes create seamless blends of psychedelia, acid jazz, and electronic music. Billy explains, “It’s very important to have an active listening process of what is happening when we play. We realised that it’s like an ethereal but very deep kind of meditation for us: the sounds of atmospheric guitars, vocals, and punchy grooves. The experience starts in our minds and as the audience, you have to allow it.”

With a new music set to be released later this year, Billy continues to write about personal feelings and honest experiences while implementing more Neo-Soul sounds with a Venezuelan touch. “Some of the songs are nostalgic because it will be seven years since I have seen my birthplace, Mérida, Venezuela. I like to sing to the mountains through Latin elements mixed with the atmosphere of Dpath.”

You haven’t fully experienced the vast dimensions of ambient music until you listen to Dpath.

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Photo by Gabo Cardenas

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