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Hidden Elements: Genesis opens our doors to the bravest and wildest community in Web3. We grew from the pain of working hard for seven years in the music industry, trying to earn a living. And now, our time has come. We will drop music you won’t find on streaming services and create value for our fans. A lot is already in process, from fashion collaborations with incredible visual artists.

Grab your G-Drop and get on board. The train is coming. Hidden Elements’ Genesis holders will be airdropped with the first track from our exclusive Suprematic Rare electronic music collection coming soon on Public Pressure.

Art by Xenia Bruk

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‘FASHION’ is the first of four ‘Discovery’ drops by Diesel, a brand well known for being socially responsible and embedded in youth culture.

Alongside this, he has been selling letters as physical releases to fans and posting a few of the singles on his YouTube.

With her new track ‘Anxiety’ Klodele hopes to inspire people to use their worries to keep going and believe in themselves while reaching for their dreams.

From US military marine to music producer, Nandi Flipzz knows about discipline and hard work and how applying yourself can lead to fulfilling your dreams.