The C33s talk about Manic Depression

By Alfredo Violante Widmer

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It’s a bold title, one of the most diffused mental health disturbs. So we asked The C33s a few questions about this manic upbeat single.

Although the music was never intended to match the lyrics, the speeding up into a crazed outro reflects the urge to press the ‘fuck it’ button from time to time, and go a thousand miles an hour hoping it will not be a bumpy landing. Your freewheeling momentum is getting faster and faster while trying to shake off the sound of all the madness, still howling in the background.

Is this song coming from direct experience or a form of exploration of a mental state?

If something’s gonna scream at me all day and remind me of its power, then I suppose, if anything, it’s retaliation to that. But I wouldn’t say that this song is any kind of experience but more taking ownership over something so toxic and creating something of permanence which stands up to a straight up shit situation that you’re frustratingly stuck with.

What state of mind where you when you wrote Manic Depression?

People assume artists work best when they aren’t doing so well, all alone in their thoughts. Sometimes this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes when feeling the most defeated it’s as though some shadow has clawed its way into your imagination and taken away any colour, sound and the urge to create or volunteer anything to the world. This song was written on a boring though positive day (in the face of the beast) that included getting out of bed, fighting the desire to drink, washing, eating, rehearsing…

But periodically, every now and again it allows you to enter an entirely focused, detached state that not everyone can access; where you can focus solely on your outlet without fear or much self-awareness. This song comes from that place.

Most importantly the music is a rocket to fuck knows where! Three chords and we’re off. The ‘fuck it’ button well and truly punched.

We hear the studio production was pivotal to the result of the track.

The studio vibe was perfect for us. A mutual soul was met in the shape of Gavin Monaghan, and maybe our shared love of Kurt Vonnegut subconsciously crept into those spacey sounds. The trust between the band and the producers which also included Joe Murray on the desk can be felt on this song, and we wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else, big thank you.

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