Ten toes down

By Dylan Robinson

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London emcee Dubbledge is back after a decade-long break from making music with ‘Ten Toes Down,’ a 10-track album put together ten years ago but is only being released now on Potent Funk.

Coming up on the legendary Low Life Records way back, Dubbledge soared to the scenes peak, culminating in the 2006 drop ‘Fist of Jah’ where he shares tracks with Foreign Beggars, Genesis Elijah, and one of Potent Funk’s founders, Dabbla.

So it has been a minute; ironically though Dubbledge doesn’t think much has changed, and despite being written last decade, ‘Ten Toes Down’ is bizarrely apt in its obtrusiveness- “It doesn’t sound as old as it is. Some of the subjects are very relevant right here and right now. It was ahead of its time, I knew that, and that’s why I parked it.”

Forest DLG (previously Chemo and Telemachus) is behind the long-overdue remastering of the project, again showcasing his ability to slide from one genre or sound to something quite contrasting.

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