Tasha’s  journey from war-torn Ukraine

By Yvonne Hawkey

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In February 2022, as war engulfed Ukraine, Tasha Tarusøva’s musical journey took an unexpected U-turn. Scheduled to support The Killers, on the Russian leg of their tour, her musical career was flying, but suddenly due to the conflict, the tour was cancelled, leaving Tarusøva with difficult choices.

Her Russian producer urged Tarusøva to continue her career in Russia and cut ties with Ukraine and the ongoing war. However, driven by her deep-rooted love for her homeland, she made a courageous decision to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and instead cut all ties with her management team, halting her music career in its tracks.

A swift departure from her Ukranian homeland and an abrupt separation from her family followed, with her eventually finding refuge in London. The compassionate couple who offered her a new home and a fresh start, had no idea how talented Tarusøva was until her guitars arrived and they heard her play. 

The newfound stability that the couple provided gave an opportunity for Tarusøva to rebuild her life and pursue her passion for music once again. Determined to showcase her talent and amplify her voice, she embarked on a mission to play live and reintroduce herself to the music scene.

Motivated by her experiences during the war, she made a significant decision to translate over a dozen of her songs into English. While her Russian-recorded songs can still be found on major music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, she aims to distance herself entirely from singing in Russian due to the war – a testament to her commitment to moving forward and sharing her heartfelt message of unity and hope.

Tarusøva’s journey from war-torn Ukraine to her artistic rebirth in London demonstrates her indomitable spirit. Her resilience, unwavering commitment to her homeland, and musical talent have allowed her to overcome unimaginable and unforeseen obstacles. 

With the release of her aptly titled ‘re:start’ EP, Tarusøva emerges stronger. As she embraces a new language and evolves her sound, she stands poised to inspire and touch the hearts of music lovers worldwide with her impassioned melodies and empowering lyrics.

The EP ‘re:start’ features three compelling tracks, ‘Howl at the Moon’, ‘LovePain’ and ‘Music’ with each song reflecting Tarusøva’s resilience, raw emotions, and unwavering spirit.

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