Street sexy and definitely here

By Yvonne Hawkey

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“I found my love for music again when I was in the military and now, I’m here!”

From being a shooting guard basketball player and a US Navy drone operator to making waves in the underground dance culture scene, DJ and producer HoneyLuv’s journey hasn’t been a traditional one. 

Hailing from Cleveland and now residing in LA, “a crazy place full of opportunities and dreamers, where you gotta get in where you fit in”, HoneyLuv’s debut spinning moments were on Dash Radio, soon followed by playing the hottest urban parties in town.

The pandemic stopped most people in their tracks, but HoneyLuv seized the opportunity of live stream culture which was responsible for her transition to house and techno. She set up her own radio show ‘House of Honey’ on iLL Donuts Radio, which spotlighted underground dance culture and its origins.

Her vast knowledge of music and roots of Hip Hop, R&B, House and Techno, sets her apart. In 2021 she performed at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, where she was the only black female artist, inspiring her to push for more inclusivity in any way she can.

Recently announced as ‘Artist to watch’ by Billboard, ‘Future Star of 2023’ on BBC Radio 1 and Beatport’s ‘Next 2023 Artist’, HoneyLuv is definitely here and, on the way to being the next big act in dance music. 

Her new limited edition Web3 audio release ‘FASHION’ incorporates her roots in dance music with a deep tech swaggy underground sound. The song comes with exclusive artwork created by visual designer Nic Paranoia. 

‘FASHION’ is the first of four ‘Discovery’ drops by Diesel, a brand well known for being socially responsible and embedded in youth culture. Diesel nominated HoneyLuv as one of their emerging artists and when asked about the collaboration, she said, “I’m so ecstatic, it’s a dream come true, Diesel is a brand I’ve always wanted to work with. They’re street sexy, they fit where I fit in, and I feel we’ll make a good partnership.”

When asked how she sees her role in helping more innovative female DJs and producers she replied, “I can only hope that they’re inspired and won’t stop until they reach their dreams because that’s what I did and you just gotta stay consistent. Consistency is everything. If you stop, everything stops, you gotta keep going.”

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