Stinkin out the swamp

By Sam Goodwin

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Coming off the back of the recent release of Morrstinkin on Blah Records, MC Stinkin Slumrok along with partner in crime producer Morriarchi and original Blah cult member Salar, took some time out to discuss voodoo, fizzy drinks, séances and, briefly, the new album.


What made you both know it was time to join forces?

Morriarchi: We met online, chat roulette, he was smoking the biggest spliff I’d ever seen, I asked him what weed he was…

Stinkin Slumrok: It was a big rollie…

M: Really? You said it was high grade? What else have you been lying about?

SS: That I’m a Capricorn.

M: Really? Blimey, you think you know someone aye? Oh yeh the album!

SS: Lee Scott did (the album) for us.


Tell us about your creative processes making Morrstinkin…

M: It’s usually a battle to keep Slummy awake or out of a shop buying various fizzy drinks, saying that once he’s in booth its usually game overrrr bruhhhh!

SS: Thanks man!

M: S’ok Homie.

SS: The creative process for myself is a combination of meditation and good vibrations. We aim to get the track whilst it’s still fresh and try not to spend too long on it.

M: Or you fall asleep.

How and why did you first become involved with Blah? Let our readers know a little about the label! 

SS: Lee hit us up at a show where we were performing some of our early tunes and asked us to do project.

M: Yeah pretty much, I’d done the odd track with Lee previous to that but this was my first introduction to the Label.

Salar: Blah is an independent label that was set up in 2006 to release Children of The Damned music. We were a bunch of young friends who made music together and thought why not? It was always meant to be by artists for artists, and more of a collective of like-minded friends, rather than a proper LABEL label. We rep Blah like it’s a crew, because it is. Blah is the family gang, the squad. Even if we all got signed to Sony tomorrow we’d still rap about Blah.


How are you feeling about the UK Hip Hop scene currently and how is it locally?

SS: That’s a hard question you know bro? Blah has a lot of good artists and there’s a lot of people doin their thing.

M: It’s always changing so it’s hard to pinpoint. Locally there are plenty of things happening, we’ve got a showcase of the album happening next month in east London (Facebook event page) and planning to do a lot more around the country.


What are the biggest challenges you are facing as artists?

M & SS: Interviews.


What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you as artists?

SS: The mad voodoo churches that were above the Buggzville Studio when we were recording that album (Buggzville Sessions).

M: Oh yeah that was fucking mental, séances and weird chants and the such…


Lastly, what are both your plans for future projects?

SS: My plan for the future is to go back to the past and bag Pam Grier

M: Jeeeez!

Salar: Booooing!



SS: Love!

M: Nice one!


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