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Group BraCil are back putting new artists into ears and onto vinyl after a small but necessary break; Ghrelin is the latest to be added to their roster, with his soulful single ‘T-Shirt 5am’.

A nomad who can trace his origins to the Western hemisphere‚Ķroughly, has been soaking up all that’s surrounded him in multiple cultures and scenes to curate this sun-kissed medley of keys and drums. ‘T-Shirt 5am’ is taken from Ghrelin’s unreleased EP ‘Creedo’ expected around summertime- it’s “soul music for the existentialists” and very Group BraCil.

The label itself, although certainly ‘hip-hop’ influenced, is certainly not a one-trick pony. Drops like this one, and others from 2021 in particular, really show off the sonic direction that can be and has been, taken.

Those familiar with the scene can compare Ghrelin to the likes of Benny Sings, Stimulator Jones or even liv.e- vocals like this blend in and almost act as a further form of production.

There are also some visuals which provide a good first sighting of BraCil’s newest member and maybe a slight insight into his mysterious character. A very limited vinyl run of the single will be pressed, along with some merchandise, but you’ll have to be quick to cop.

Boundaryless in their genres and permanently sepia-tinged, Group BraCil welcomes Ghrelin’s off-key accommodation of funk, city pop and even the odd ballad into something they can truly associate with, and even call their own.

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