Some musicians easily forget they were in the same place once

By Beverley Knight

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Tohzzy Tee is a business-savvy musician. Like a unicorn in a suit, he blends the whimsical freedom of his music with the level-headedness of a seasoned entrepreneur. As a Greenwich University graduate, it was necessary to be analytical to survive as he lived alone from a young age. “I use my business studies and agile approach in my music projects.” But he hasn’t always pounded the streets of the Big Smoke.

Originally, Tohzzy grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, where music pulsates through the local’s veins. “It’s like a kind of drug to us.” In Lagos, large crowds make sweet music, and there’s an overflow of talent, making the competition intense. “Most Nigerian stars in the music industry come from Lagos like Olamide, Ayra Starr, Wizkid and so on.” He notices a similar scene in London. “The City’s a place where people love their music. They go to great lengths to attend gigs despite how busy they are.”

Coming from a broken family, it’s hard for him to settle down in one spot for too long. Since being a kid, he moved from place to place. “It was due to family issues, and I wasn’t old enough to decide for myself. Along the line, I got used to moving around, meeting new people, socialising and restarting.” Despite a stint running a business in Nigeria, Tohzzy’s interest in the UK’s diverse culture ultimately led him to consider relocating. “It was privilege to meet new people in London from all different parts of the world. It’s why I chose university there.” Tohzzy’s ready to take on the world with his confidence from relocating. “I love getting to know new and great people wherever I go.”

As a lover of good vibes, he’s developed a crush on the warmth of the Afrobeat genre, finding it a match to his energy. “When you listen to my sound, be ready to hear heartfelt words. I want to touch as many people as I can with my lyrics.” His motivation is to walk the listener through the hurdles of life, its challenges and triumphs. “My music is a little reflection of my life, realities and experiences.”

Some of the good things about the music industry for him are building authentic connections with fans and collaborating with artists. It fuels his passion. “Staying true to my unique sound, engaging with my audience on social media matters to me. Also constantly evolving my style helps me stay fresh.” But what changes would he like to see? “How people look at emerging artists in the industry. When some musicians are high up, they don’t care about the rising ones anymore. They easily forget they were in the same place once.”

So what’s the ambitious dream; what’s the big picture? Firstly, Tohzzy Tee’s after his own record label. He also wants to give back to his peers by opening a space for all the potential superstars who are fearless with their art. “For a low cost or possibly free, I want to build an academy for youngsters. They can showcase their talents and make the best out of themselves.”

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