Roll up your zoot, pour out your liqueur

By Dylan Robinson

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It’s no secret the rather illusively silk-masked rapper has been making good impressions on our little rock. His link-up with stalwart Verbz earlier this year does more than confirm that. Now his next drop will further the expansion of his cloudy dreamland; softly-spoken luxurious escapism self-produced and recorded with organic visuals to match- it’s about time you visit this dreamy utopia. 

‘Digits’ continues the aesthetic first captured in Caneva’s debut and only full album to date, ‘The Dreamside’. As much a capable producer as he is a wordsmith, samples are used to impeccable effect to build a world that contains so much more than just his bars or visuals, but another time and place entirely. 

The ability to produce is something valued as Caneva is currently studying music production at University; thankfully, for artists like himself who can flow so effortlessly, there aren’t such courses for the spoken side of the art. 

If you are yet to step foot in The Dreamside, then maybe I’m jealous as it’ll be like you get to watch your favourite series from afresh… and wouldn’t we all like to do that.

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